Cuttle Fish

Cuttlefish are marine animals of the order sepiida. They belong to the class Cephalopoda, which also includes squid, octopodes, and nautiluses. Cuttlefish have a unique internal Shell, the cuttlebone. Despite their name, cuttlefish are not fish but molluses. Cuttlefish have large, W-shaped pupils, eight arms, and two tentacles furnished with denticulated suckers, with which they secure their prey. They generally range in size from 15 to 25 cm (5.9 to 9.8 in), with  the largest species, Sepia apama, reaching 50 cm (20 in) in mantle length and over 10.5 kg (23 lb) in mass.  Cuttlefish eat small molluscs, crabs, shrimp, fish, octopodes, worms, and other cuttlefish. counted amongst one of the well-known business names, we are involved in presenting a varied range of Whole Cuttle Fish


  • Freshness
  • Long shelf life
  • Rich in taste
  • Hygienic made
  • Nutritious